Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Album review: BoA Deluxe (2009)

'BoABoA's first venture into the lucrative American market and worldwide after her success in her native South Korea, Japan and South-East Asia. This is actually her twelfth studio album.

BoA: Deluxe includes the single version of Energetic and two new songs ‘Control’ and ‘Crazy About’ over the original released. This self-titled album features upbeat songs that mixed elements of electropop and dance. Heavy used of vocoder to mask her accented English managed to work well overall.

The album lacks the varieties to highlight BoA’s talents and versatility. All the tracks even the two new ones are of dance varieties. The standout tracks of this album are ‘Energetic’, ‘Did Ya’, ‘Eat You Up’, ‘Obsessed’ and ‘Hypnotic Dancefloor’. Overall, not a bad attempt and for what it is, a dance music album, just that it is nothing special and does not standout from the crowd.

The two new tracks are non-standout but welcome since the original released only had eleven tracks. The lack of DVD for music video or ‘the making’ style doco is disappointing for a deluxe edition. The dynamic range is poor but clipping is minimal, typical of this genre.

BoA Deluxe
by BoA
2.5 out of 5 star
Released:September 22, 2009
Label:SM Entertainment USA

Track listing
01."Energetic" (radio edit)3:25
02."Control" 3:00
03."Crazy About"3:35
04."I Did It For Love" (featuring Sean Garnett)3:01
05."Did Ya"2:59
06."Look Who's Talking" 3:08
07."Eat You Up" 3:11
08."Obsessed" 3:46
10."Scream" 3:16
11."Girls On Top" 3:37
12."Dress Off" 3:41
13."Hypnotic Dancefloor" 3:43
14."Energetic" 3:41

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