Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Album review: Mike Oldfield's Music of the Spheres (2008)

Mike-Oldfield-Music-of-The-Spheres‘Music of the Spheres’ is a classical album by the British composer Mike Oldfield. It has been over twenty five years since his first album the infamous ‘Tubular Bells’. This album is simply beautiful. From the very first track, it will take you on the spiritual journey beyond our known universe, discover your deepest inner emotions and by heavenly joy, move you to tears. It is rejuvenating and liberating for the soul.

Recorded with full orchestration in Abbey Road Studios with Mike Oldfield on the guitar, ‘Music of the Spheres’ also features the talents of angelic soprano Hayley Westenra and piano virtuoso Lang Lang. The dynamic range of the record is very good, the orchestration translate very well in this record. Producing great imaging and staging in your living room. Audiophiles must have album.

The limited edition features a second CD of live recording of the ‘Music of the Spheres’ concert at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. This recording is great too but the studios recording is rather exceptional already that this second CD does not offer anything different. A DVD record of the concert would have been better choice for limited edition. However, this does not tarnish the great album that is highly recommended to everyone.

Music of the Spheres (Limited Edition)
by Mike Oldfield
4 out of 5 star
Released:November 24, 2008

Track listing
01."Harbinger" 4:08
02."Animus" 3:09
05."The Tempest"5:48
06."Harbinger (reprise)"1:30
07."On My Heart" (featuring Hayley Westenra)2:27
08."Aurora" 3:42
09."Prophecy" 2:54
10."On My Heart (reprise)" (featuring Hayley Westenra)1:16
11."Harmonia Mundi" 3:46
12."The Other Side" 1:28
13."Empyrean" 1:37
14."Musica Universalis" 6:24

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